Q: What is the family dynamics that are ideal for this program?

A: This program is designed for families who have at least one child between the ages of 7 and 17 and are struggling with communication.

Q: How many families are in attendance?

A: Each program accommodates up to 8 families

Q: Do I need to stay the whole time?

A: Your program cost covers that entire week. If you choose to not stay the whole week, there is not a discount. Your family will benefit most by staying the whole length of the program

Q: Is there any guarantee that my family will improve as a result of the program?

A: The success your family will experience depends on how committed each family member is individually. There is not guarantee.

Q: What if we need further assistance after the program ends?

A: We have resources that we can refer you to.

Q: What does the program cost cover?

A: Lodging, meals, activities, and therapy. Travel costs are not included.

Q: What about school and work?

A: We will have time set aside for parents/guardians to help their child with their school work.

We ask that you do not bring work with you as this is a time to focus on your family.


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