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Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat is designed with your family in mind! Our vision is to help improve the relationships within your immediate family. This includes improving communication, understanding each other at a new level and improving unity within the family. 

​At Lighthouse Counseling Services we are dedicated to helping families have strong roots that will be a source of strength for generations to come. As a result we have created Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat. This is an opportunity for your family to stay at a ranch for a week and learn how to connect, become more unified and strengthened. We do not believe that communication in the family ever dies, but rather hibernates.

At the retreat we are dedicated to flourishing family's communication and relationships. The program consists of mulitple therapy techniques including workshops, group and recreational therapy as well as other activities that promote strengthening of the family.

Families are assigned a therapist and receive a customized therapy plan that will include family counseling and possibly individual and marital counseling. Your therapist will be on campus the whole time to provide assistance to difficult moments.

The retreat is located in Heber Valley, Utah at Timber Moose Lodge. Each family will be assigned a room for the week. You will be assigned a Mental Health Counselor who will be there to provide individual, couples and/or family therapy based on your family's needs!

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