Each of these books contain a story of a child who experienced the feelings of either mad, scared or sad. It helps normalize the feelings for children. These books are written for parents/caregivers and therapists to use with children to help them have a better understanding of what they are feeling, teaches coping skills and allows for a child to express their feelings to a caring adult. These guides are appropriate for ages 3-10.

Release the Fat is designed to help you understand the areas in your life, and mind, that are important for you to succeed not just in releasing fat but in any goals you set out to accomplish. Through this audio you will learn how to create, or strengthen, each of these areas through education and self-reflection. You will also learn about loving your body and improving your self-esteem and self-confidence so that when you reach your goal you will find satisfaction in your new lifestyle and be able to maintain it with greater ease.

​This is available as a CD

Awhile back I (Laura da Silva) was introduced to Usborne Books. As I started looking at them I was impressed with the therapeutic aspects that some of their books have! There are books for small children up to late teens to help them overcome fears, self-esteem issues, peer issues, etc. I feel these books can be beneficial to those who read them.


When people think of essential oils they typically think of the health benefits. However, essential oils plays a huge role in mental health benefits as well. Whether it is triggering a positive, calming memory or relieving stress or what not.

At Lighthouse Counseling Services we sell Purify Essential Oils as well as DoTerra Essential Oils.

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